Spud Activity Highlights
A picture of a sandwich on wheat bread with a bottle of water, an orange, and a Granny Smith apple.
A spud with a mask in a circle that reads Spuds Care superimposed on multiple orange face masks.
School Board Election Candidates
The image reads Public Release.
This is a picture of Jeremy Larson along with the words Jeremy Larson announced as the Assistant Superintendent of Learning and Accountability.
The image shows two young children wearing face masks next to the words Introducing Spud Academy.
The images reads United Way School Supply Drive.
The image reads return to learn.
This image reads welcome superimposed on the Moorhead logo.
The image reads Excellence Through Equity, followed by the Moorhead Area Public Schools logo followed by 2020-2021 School year.
A picture of a Moorhead spud looking proud next to the words Voted Best Nickname.
The words Congrats Spud Speech and Debate are superimposed on aSpeech and Debate tournament image.
This image says Summer Meal Program superimposed on fruit and vegetables.
This picture reads Congratulations Moorhead High School 2020 Graduates! There is also a picture of a female Moorhead High School graduate.
The image contains a picture of Jon Larson dressed in a tuxedo holding a violin along with Congrats 2020 Moorhead Teacher of the Year Jon Larson.
In this picture there is white text on a black background, which reads Graduation Plans.
This is a picture of the football team surrounding Scott Verkuilen outside Post 21.
This image says Thank You Spud School Nurses in white font on an orange background.
This is a picture of Addie Loerzel in a red dress wearing with a tiara seated in a wheelchair. Behind her is  her mother wearing a pink gown.