A young student holds a sign that reads "First Day of Distance Learning!"
A picture of multiple young students in a gym playing soccer.
A picture of Noah Bush . holding a large trophy in front of a pickup truck.
A picture of the hockey team in a line with their hockey sticks.
A picture of a weightlifter lifting a very heavy weight.
A picture of a marching band in Moorhead attire.
Two students sit at a computer desk.
Students look inside a police SUV.
This is an image of a very enlarged picture of a Covid-19 virus particle along with the following text, "What you need to know about coronavirus disease 2019 (Covid-19) and for more information: www.cdc.gov/COVID19.
A picture of a Moorhead boys basketball player taking a jump shot from the 3 point line.
A picture of a Moorhead girls basketball player taking a two point jump shot during a game.
Multiple players work to regain control of a hockey puck as the goalie protects the goal.
Chrisanto D'Agostino is photographed with his USA Weightlifting National Junior Championship meal in front of the Moorhead Spuds logo.
A picture of a Moorhead basketball player taking a jump shot.
Carter Johnson makes a goal again Hill Murray.
An advertisement for Shrek the Musical  at Moorhead's Horizon Middle School.
Moorehead dancers strike a dance pose in the Moorhead gym.
A Moorhead hockey goalie blocks the goal from the opposing team.
This is a picture of yarn arranged in a rainbow format followed by the words Equity and Inclusion Advisory Committee
A picture of fireworks along with the words 2020, Happy New Year!