HZ Musical
Students playing spoons
Headshot of Patty Schmidt
Semi backs into Career Academy for student presentation
Joanna Struck
Thank you
Spud goalie catching the puck
Picture of Brittany Torgerson reading to her students
General image of a person putting their hand on someone's shoulder to  make them feel better
2021 Memories Recap
Brad Neznik pictured in front of a candy cane he made
Evie Kenkel and Megan Wilke pictured in front of their Fill the Dome donation design
Update - Safe Return to In-Person Learning Plan
Winter Catalog Cover
Joe Thibert
Photo of two people working on sewing pants for students
Kendra, a mother of a student who attended the Early Learning Centers program, talks about how the program helped her daughter Ellis during their time of need.
Moorhead High School Student Elinneus Davis on the field during a MHS football game
New Assistant Principal David Ahmed
2020-21 Annual Report. Cover image girl eating lunch