Moorhead School Board Election Graphic

The Moorhead School Board is made up of seven residents of Independent School District 152 who are elected at large to four-year terms. School Board elections are held in an even number year in conjunction with state general elections. The filing deadline for School Board candidates was Tuesday, August 16. 

Three Moorhead School Board members’ terms will expire at the end of 2022. One incumbent is running for re-election along with ten new candidates. The complete list of candidates for this election year include: 

  • Marissa Ahlering
  • Lorilee Bergin
  • Lisa Hahn
  • Scott Kostohryz
  • Ken Lucier
  • David Marquardt
  • Nikki Pollock
  • Clint Rossland
  • Kristine Thompson
  • Keith Vogt (Incumbent)
  • Kent Wolford

In order to be eligible to be elected to the School Board a person must be:
  • at least 21 years old at the time the term of office begins
  • a resident of the district for at least 30 days prior to the election
  • an eligible voter, which includes the requirement that one is a citizen of the United States 
  • not registered as a convicted sex offender.

The School Board election will be held Nov. 8 in conjunction with the general election, and the term for elected members will begin on Jan. 2, 2023. 

Additional Moorhead School Board information can be found here.