Students listen as teacher reads book

Welcome Class of 2034! Moorhead Area Public Schools is looking forward to welcoming our future Spud kindergarten students this fall. 

Normally, we have in-person Keys to Kindergarten events where families learn all about Kindergarten 101. Due to the pandemic, we have gone virtual with a helpful video series that will make introducing kindergarten to your future Spud as easy as 1..2..3! 

In preparation for your student’s first year in school, we have put together helpful tips that cover important topics to help your student succeed. 

 These videos cover: 

  • Tips for Transitioning to School

  • Advice from Teachers

  • Riding the Bus

  • Lunchtime

  • Health Services

You will also get an exclusive tour of your school. Watch the video series below.

Watch Now: 

Kindergarten Registration

If you haven’t registered your student for Kindergarten yet, be sure to enroll online today.