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Our community is here for each other! That fact has stuck out more than others over the past two years. We saw it through countless donations and drives to help students and families throughout the pandemic. We saw it with dedicated staff, pivoting at a moment's notice to keep our students and community safe. Now, we are seeing it directly in our classrooms where retired teachers are showing up to support our students, like they always have.

Karla Brewster retired in 2020. She taught for 38 years, 24 of them at Moorhead Area Public Schools. So what brought her out of retirement? “I'm inspired to come back and help because of the severe shortage of subs available,” Brewster says. “Subbing is extremely rewarding and I really enjoy it. I get to see the children and staff that I love so much.”

Robert Asp Elementary has seen an influx of retired teachers clearing their schedules to help out where they are needed most, in the classroom. Principal Chris Triggs recognizes their vital role. “Our wonderful retired teaching staff who continuously step up, allow us to function effectively in our building and not be forced into distance learning,” he says. 

Su Botner, who retired several years ago, taught at Moorhead Area Public Schools for 33 years. She has been subbing for five years. Botner finds it rewarding because she loves teaching and learning. “The leadership and staff are so appreciative and kind,” she says. “Each day is a new adventure and children say and do the most hilarious things. I learn something new every day.”

These teachers have re-arranged their personal schedules, taken long term subs, moved into positions they are not accustomed to, and routinely watch the absence list and offer their time. “We cannot make it without these wonderful teachers, and on top of that our classrooms do not miss a beat when they are in charge,” Triggs said.

During Botner’s return to the classroom, she has met new students and reconnected with former students of all ages. “It is truly an amazing feeling to know that you may have made a small impact on a child's life and learning,” Botner says.  

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