Ashley Schneider

Moorhead Area Public Schools is excited to welcome Ashley Schneider as the new director of food & nutrition. 

Schneider holds an Associate of Applied Sciences degree in culinary arts and a Bachelor of Science degree in food service management with a focus on nutrition. She has extensive experience in the food industry, and is excited to continue at Moorhead Area Public Schools. 

Her career started in restaurants and bakeries before transitioning to school nutrition as a school cook. She worked her way up at Minneapolis Public Schools, holding many different roles, and most recently held the area supervisor position. Her experiences in various aspects of school nutrition have given her well-rounded school kitchen operational knowledge and experience.

Nutrition Services has the ability to educate students and families on making good food choices and learning about where food comes from. Schneider knows food is a crucial part of a child's education, and students cannot learn when they are hungry. She says, “It is vital to provide students with good food choices so they can excel.”

It isn’t just about the food though. Schneider says, “People who work in school nutrition are some of the most important adults in a school setting. We often get to know a majority of the students and interact in their daily lives, whether it is simply asking how their day is or giving them a safe space to talk. We get to know their eating patterns and help to make things simple and welcoming for them when they enter the cafeteria.” 

The focus on students is what Schneider enjoys about building a team and being a part of the school nutrition staff. She says, “School nutrition staff care and go that extra mile for everyone that steps into the cafeteria. It is humbling to walk into a cafeteria and see all the happy faces and full bellies.”

That’s what makes Schneider passionate about her new role at Moorhead Area Public Schools. Excited to dig into her job, she says, “I am looking forward to interacting with students and staff at Moorhead Area Public Schools and am excited to build on an amazing program to bring more nutrition education and delicious items to the cafeteria.”

The Schneider family is in the process of relocating from the Twin Cities. Outside of her job, Schneider enjoys spending time with her husband and two children, going on adventures and exploring. She says, “Extra points if it has anything to do with water.”