Rachel Stone: Leadership Through Character and Confidence

Rachel Stone proudly carries her life journey with her as a representation of her culture and depiction of leadership. She works hard to be a leader in the community and to inspire our youth to dream big as next generation leaders.

Stone grew up in Chicago, Illinois. She was the oldest of four kids living in a poverty stricken inner city neighborhood. Her mother, a hard working nurse and her father, a pastor, wanted their kids to have a better life. In third grade, Stone’s family moved to the south suburbs of Sauk Village, Illinois.

Life could be difficult, but her parents inspired her to be courageous and do good for her community. Over 18 years ago, Stone moved to the Fargo/Moorhead area, a journey that she says, “has truly been an adventure.” 

While volunteering in the Fargo/Moorhead community, Stone identified needs and gaps for kids. One thing was certain: she wanted to get involved. Stone joined Moorhead Area Public Schools in 2015 as a lunch supervisor at Horizon Middle School. She says, “I remember wanting so badly to work with our students that I didn’t really focus on preference when it came to positions." So, when she saw an opening as lunch supervisor, she jumped at it. "I had already set out to be part of the solution, however I could.” 

It was also at Horizon Middle School where she launched “Leaderlicous.” Leaderlicous is a program of her nonprofit, P’s & Q’s Etiquette. The nonprofit aims to engage young girls in workshops that will enhance their self-image, goal setting, communications, etiquette skills, networking skills and leadership skills. P’s & Q’s Etiquette strives to be influential in reversing the unfavorable statistics that apply to young minority girls. While it was initially geared towards young girls, it has expanded to include all kids.

Stone expresses her gratitude for the Moorhead Area Public Schools community. “I am so grateful for Dr. Larson and the staff at Horizon who embraced and welcomed me as part of the family," she says. Stone now engages with Moorhead Area Public Schools through her position on the school board and community involvement. 

She credits the incredible work she has done in life to her parents and the wonderful example they set for her. She also reflects on the many leaders who have come before her, especially leaders of color. Stone says, “Black History month is special as it is reserved specifically to celebrate our culture, history and honor black and brown leaders coming from many different backgrounds.” 

Stone goes on to explain her view on leadership. “Sometimes, when we hear the word leader, we automatically think that the person had to be doing something grand," she says. "In actuality, a leader is anyone who has character and is willing to step up with confidence to be part of solving a problem."

Rachel Stone is a true community leader. She leads through her compassionate character, dives headfirst into solving problems and carries her past as a tool to teach and inspire others. Moorhead Area Public Schools is proud to have Rachel Stone as a member of the School Board.