A picture of Noah Bush . holding a large trophy in front of a pickup truck.

March 25, 2020

Moorhead Area Public Schools students are excellent; they are hard-working; they are compassionate and they don’t back down from a challenge. Senior Noah Brush proved his Spud pride as he traveled to Minneapolis to compete at the Twin Cities Auto Show March 7-15. 

During the show, he competed against three other projects to win the grand prize, a trip to a Barrett-Jackson Auto Auction of the winner’s choosing. The public voted and Brush was named the winner during an awards ceremony at the show. 


Mechanic in the Making

A hands-on learner, Brush enjoys the process of taking apart things and understanding how they work. He especially likes learning and comparing how different manufacturers build items that provide the same functions. 

“I love working on cars because of the amount of change you see from beginning to end. It’s also a hobby I get to work on with my dad, and I enjoy spending that time with him working on something that interests us both,” says Brush.  


Real World Learning in the Classroom

Being able to take classes through Moorhead Area Public Schools has helped him with his hobby-turned-career. Brush has taken all of the small engines, welding and automotive elective courses. 

His biggest takeaway from his teachers? “I have learned to not be afraid to do something that you want to do. Do not feel intimidated by a project. If you see something you want to do, just try it,” he says.


Plans After Graduation

Brush has been accepted to participate in Titan Machinery’s Diesel Equipment Technician Sponsorship. He will be attending Minnesota State Community & Technical College. During his education he can work part-time alongside technicians and upon graduation he will have the opportunity for full-time employment as a Diesel Technician with Titan Machinery. 


Fun Fact 

Noah’s dream car to restore would be a 1969 Ford Mustang Fastback. He has liked that model since he was a little kid; it’s hands down his favorite car.