A young student holds a sign that reads "First Day of Distance Learning!"

March 30, 2020

After Minnesota Governor Tim Walz announced schools would be required to close and create a distance learning plan, Moorhead Area Public Schools went right to work. It took a strong team working around the clock to solidify a plan that would continue to provide students with the quality education they need and deserve.

During this time the Spud team’s efforts went above and beyond to provide creative solutions for our students. Here’s a snapshot at the two-weeks leading up to the first day of distance learning, March 30, 2020.

  • Food services and bus drivers distributed over 10,000 meals at 70 meal delivery spots.

  • Early childhood teachers and district paraprofessionals provided 96 hours of child care to district-enrolled students aged 5 to 12 who are children of emergency workers as indicated in the Governor’s Executive Order.

  • Technology sanitized and distributed over 2,700 Chromebooks for students to begin distance learning. In addition, a technology help desk was set up for parents and students to reach out if needed. 

  • Over 550 teachers formulated specific distance learning curriculum to provide their students with quality education from home.

  • All custodial staff worked to sanitize and disinfect all buildings and continue to provide efforts to keep the child care center and schools clean.

Distance learning will continue until April 30, with the hopes of regular classroom learning beginning May 5. The School District will continue to follow Governor Walz’s orders and recommendations. To find the most up to date information visit www.moorheadschools.org/COVID-19.