Planning a Safe Return to Learn

August 7, 2020

Back to school is around the corner and everyone has been waiting for Minnesota to release final guidance for school re-entry plans. On Thursday, July 30, Minnesota Governor Walz presented on Minnesota’s Safe Learning Plan.

Minnesota’s Safe Learning Plan focuses on localized, data driven guidance to help local schools select a learning model that is responsive to the prevalence of COVID-19 cases in their county. 

The Moorhead Area Public Schools administrative team has been hard at work this summer vetting many options and scenarios to bring staff and students back to school safely this fall. These plans need feedback from Spud families.

We are excited to share the preliminary Return to Learn plans with parents and guardians. These plans have been developed based on the current information available from state guidance, cross team work groups and staff and family surveys. However, we also know that the strength of our plan depends on diversity of thought, collaboration and feedback from our families.

We will be holding a live Return to Learn session for parents and guardians on Monday, August 10 at noon. The same presentation will be available via link by 3 p.m. Feedback links will be open until midnight. Links were shared via email and will be re-sent on Monday morning. 

This session will allow parents and guardians the opportunity to view the progress on our re-entry plan development to date and provide feedback that will help us finalize the Return to Learn plan for the upcoming school year.