Student Meal Distribution

September 4, 2020

*Update 9/8* We are excited to announce that school meals will be provided at no charge to all students at the start of the school year. Free meals are provided through the USDA emergency feeding programs. Free meals will be provided as long as funds are available or through December 2020. Meals, whether picked up at a designated location, or eaten in the buildings, are included with the free meal program. When the program expires, 2020-21 meal prices will apply.

Click here for details on times and where to pick up meals.


Do you have to be enrolled in Moorhead Area Public Schools to receive a free meal?


Do students need to provide a lunch number when picking up meals?

No. We are asking that the child or parent provides their name upon meal pickup. 

What ages can participate in the free meal program?

Any child ages 1-18 can receive free meals.

Do parents/guardians need to be with the child when picking up a meal?


Where are the distribution areas?

Please click here to view all meal distribution areas.

Do you have to pick up at the location where your child goes to school?

No, you can pick up meals at any location listed here

Does the free meal program include a sack breakfast too?

Yes, meals include breakfast and lunch.

What meals will be provided?

Meals will include breakfast and lunch.