MHS Construction Update

We are excited to share monthly construction updates during this school year. Things are changing quickly at the Moorhead High School construction site and we want to document the progress. We will be on-site throughout the project to provide updates. 

Watch a video walkthrough, or check out the highlights below. Click here for past updates.

This month, we’ll be taking a closer look at the science rooms located off the Main Commons.

Located on the second and third floors of this area, progress in these classrooms is evident with the installation of flooring (1) along with the television monitors (2) that will aid in instruction for science teachers.

Across from the screens, you’ll find storage cabinets (3) whose size and shape will vary by room and subject.

Some rooms also now have their markerboards (4) in, too.

Each of the rooms on the north side of the commons will have their own storage rooms (5).

In the chemistry labs on the south side of the commons, sinks and drying racks (6) have been installed throughout the rooms, which also have chemical hoods (7) that exhausts fumes out of the building to protect students and teachers.

The Chemistry rooms will share a back room and storage area (8) as well.

Thanks for joining us for the September update; stay tuned to the Moorhead Schools website and social channels for future looks inside the MHS construction project.