Opening Enrollment for 2023-24 is 7348

Moorhead Area Public Schools opened the school year on August 24th with 7348 students in grades K-12 enrolled for the first day of school. The 2023-24 school year marks the 150th Anniversary of Moorhead Area Public Schools. The number of students in the district will fluctuate over the next few weeks before stabilizing in October and November, according to historical trends.

Opening enrollment for the 2022-23 school year was 7427: 2021-22 school year was 7,336; 2020-21 school year was 7,153; 2019-20 school year was 7,087 and 2018-19 was 6,987.

“It is a historic year for Moorhead Area Public Schools as we celebrate our rich 150 year heritage of educational excellence. As we look back, we also look forward to a bright future. In January, we will welcome students into the first phase of the new Moorhead High School which includes academic and athletic spaces,” said Dr. Brandon Lunak, Superintendent. 

The opening of the Moorhead High School phase one construction is the next step in a five year high school transformation project that includes innovating the educational experience. The new, flexible learning environment will encompass one school on two campuses with a common 9-12 experience. The journey began with the opening of the Moorhead High School Career Academy in 2021. Phase two of the high school construction includes a theater, music and performing arts spaces and administration areas. The educational transformation is a collaborative process with community and business partners.