Transportation Update

Moorhead Area Public Schools is pleased to announce that there will be no disruption to the transportation services this fall. Moorhead Area Public Schools’ transportation team continues to think creatively to provide adequate student transportation in light of bus driver shortages across the country. The district has signed a contract with a new transportation vendor, Olander Bus Service, allowing for full capacity for existing routes.

On August 1, the district announced that five high school routes would need to be canceled due to driver shortages. This was scheduled to impact approximately 120 students. The newly negotiated agreement will make previously announced route cancellations unnecessary. 

“We are thrilled to be able to minimize the impact of the continued bus driver shortage on our Moorhead Area Public School students and their families with this partnership. The transportation team continues to monitor the situation and try to provide the best possible service to our families in this difficult staffing environment,” said Steve Moore, Operations and Emergency Management Executive Director. “We recognize that there is continual risk of changes throughout the year, but we believe that this announcement puts us in a stronger position starting the school year.”
Routing information for all families will be available on PowerSchool, the district’s online parent portal on Wednesday, August 16.