MAPS Hosts Active Shooter Training

Moorhead Area Public Schools will host active shooter response training at Probstfield Elementary School on August 1 and 2. The training will be conducted by the Moorhead Police Department and Moorhead Fire Department, in coordination with Moorhead Area Public Schools emergency management team. The Clay County Sheriff’s office and Sandford Medical will also participate in the training.

There will be no students in the building as summer school has concluded. Scenarios will take place in the mornings from 8-12 and in the afternoons from 1- 5 during these days. There will be multiple first responder vehicles at Probstfield Elementary School and there may be road closures around the school. There will be simulated gunfire in the building and on the Probstfield campus. 

Steve Moore, Executive Director of Operations and Emergency Management, commented, “This training is designed to provide intense, real-world training to our police department, fire department, Building Emergency Response Team (BERT) and Emergency Management. It is high-quality training that will instill the knowledge, skills and procedures needed for the safety and well-being of our community.”