Brittany Kuehl with Horizon admin and Supt. Lunak

Brittany Kuehl is an adapted PE teacher at Horizon Middle School. She was nominated by the parent of a student who said she consistently goes above and beyond for her students. This parent had a hard time deciding where to begin with the nomination form, because there were so many areas she wanted to highlight and praise her for.  

Specifically with her child, she said Kuehl is extremely creative with activities and does not limit her students. One thing in particular that stood out to this parent was the transition back to in-person class after being online due to COVID. That year, there was no special olympics meet and Kuehl coordinated a special track meet for her students, so they wouldn’t miss out on participating. 

Her flexibility with students allows them to grow and shine. This parent said she is grateful that Kuehl encourages her students to try new things, step out of their comfort zones and see what they can do to see their full potential. She was described as a wonderful teacher who focuses on her students to make sure they have as many opportunities as they can. 

Congratulations to our February Spud Spirit award winner, Brittany Kuehl. Thank you for being a positive influence and advocate for our students.