Substitutes are an important educational component in Moorhead Area Public Schools. When licensed and non-licensed staff are absent from work, the district needs qualified substitutes to support our students.

In order to teach for a licensed position, candidates must be licensed to teach in the state of Minnesota. Candidates can be licensed in any area or have a bachelor’s degree to qualify. For more information, please visit the Professional Education Licensing and Standards Board.

If you have a  four-year degree in another field, but are interested in becoming a teacher sub, please see the following information: Short-Call Substitute Information

Basic qualifications for non-licensed substitute is a high school diploma. Please reference this document for the Part-Time and Substitute Pay Schedule.

Becoming a substitute for Moorhead Area Public Schools

In order to be employed as a substitute with the district, please complete a substitute application and the district substitute coordinator will contact you for further information. 

Once applicant information is complete, substitutes are entered into the Substitute Employee Management System. Substitutes must then register themselves with the system to receive their Personal Identification Number (PIN).

For assistance or more information contact Human Resources at 218-284-3350.

Receiving Job Assignments

Substitutes have two ways of receiving assignments.

  1. Call the Substitute Employee Management System (SEMS) 24 hours a day to accept jobs in advance. This allows the substitutes to fill their schedules ahead of time instead of waiting for the system to call them.

  2. SEMS will call with jobs that have been entered into the system. The system calls out from 5-10 p.m. for jobs the next day or for the future. The system begins calling at 5:30 a.m. for jobs that day.

Non Education Degree Subs

For those interested in substitute teaching that have a four-year degree but not in education, you will need to apply for a short-call substitute teaching license through the Minnesota Professional Educator Licensing and Standards Board.


Sue Winter

Sue Winter
Director of Human Resources

Human Resources: 218-284-3350

Kristin Dehmer

Kristin Dehmer
Executive Director of Human Resources and Operations