Operations and Emergency Management

The Operations and Emergency Management Department is responsible for Property Services, Transportation and Emergency Management.

Property Services

Property Services is responsible for providing preventive and corrective maintenance to Moorhead Area Public Schools' buildings, grounds, mechanical and electrical equipment. Property Services also provides project management for capital outlay and minor improvement projects, and manages the monitoring of environmental hazards in the district buildings.

Indoor Air Quality

The health, comfort and learning environment of students and staff are important aspects of Moorhead Area Public Schools mission. Indoor Air Quality is a critical component of providing a healthy and comfortable learning environment.

  • Reduce the levels of indoor air pollutants through preventive measures such as routine maintenance activities, periodic building evaluations and inspections, and IAQ-specific policies.

  • Provide and maintain adequate air exchanges by maintaining ventilation equipment.

  • Respond to IAQ-related concerns and problems in a thorough and prompt manner, through investigation, documentation, and effective communication.

Water Quality

Moorhead Area Public Schools is committed to providing a safe working and learning environment for employees and students. The district has developed a lead in the water testing plan that complies with Minnesota Statute 121A.335.

Moorhead Area Public Schools will follow the recommendations of the Minnesota Department of Health’s “Reducing Lead in Drinking Water: A Technical Guidance and Model Plan for Minnesota’s Public Schools.” The goal in following this guidance is to reduce lead levels at water taps to as close to 0 parts per billion as feasible, but not to exceed 20 parts per billion at any tap at any time.

Minnesota Statute 121A.335 requires school districts to test every five years for the presence of lead in drinking water in school buildings serving kindergarten through grade 12 students.

Testing in 2018 at Dorothy Dodds Elementary found no water sources exceeded the 20 parts per billion limit.

Testing in 2019 at Horizon East Middle School found five (5) fixtures that exceeded the 20 parts per billion limit. These fixtures were immediately removed from service and replaced and are now in compliance.

Testing in 2019 at Horizon West Middle School found one (1) fixture that exceeded the 20 parts per billion limit. These fixtures were immediately removed from service and replaced and are now in compliance.

Testing in 2022 at Ellen Hopkins Elementary, Moorhead High School, Moorhead High School Career Academy, Vista Center for Education, Probstfield Elementary and S.G. Reinertsen Elementary found no water sources exceeded the 20 parts per billion limit.

Testing in 2022 at Robert Asp Elementary, found one (1) fixture that exceeded the 20 parts per billion limit and it was immediately removed from service and replace and are now in compliance.

Pest Control Notice

Moorhead Area Public Schools applies non-restricted herbicide to control dandelions and broadleaf weeds at school sites throughout the City of Moorhead.  Moorhead Area Public Schools sprays during the month of June after school is out.  Additionally, athletic fields are scheduled to be sprayed on June 1, July 15, August 1, September 15, and October 15.  Actual dates will depend on weather conditions, but will generally be within a week of these dates.  Spraying takes place only when conditions are appropriate for the application and are applied only by contractors who are certified herbicide applicators by the State of Minnesota Department of Agriculture.

Turf areas that have been sprayed are posted with a notice at the time of application and remain posted for 24 hours.  Moorhead Area Public School maintenance staff will notify each school's administration office at the time of application if any spraying is done during school hours.

Moorhead Area Public Schools does not apply any herbicides or pesticides listed as restricted chemicals by the US Department of Agriculture on neighborhood parks or school property. Only non-restricted herbicides, available to the public, are used for these applications.

For more information, call 218-284-1445.

Energy Saving Performance Contract

The Moorhead Area Public Schools located at 1313 30th Ave S, Moorhead, MN 56560-4624 is scheduled to award, under Minnesota Statute §123B.65, an energy savings performance contract for energy improvements including but not limited to; LED lighting upgrades, HVAC controls upgrades, Sports Center dehumidification, facility improvements, building envelope improvements, mechanical insulation, and building automation controls to Ameresco at a meeting scheduled for May 8, 2023 at 5:30 pm..

Building Usage Requests

The Moorhead School Board encourages maximum use of school facilities and equipment for appropriate community purposes, if in its judgment, that use does not interfere with use of school purposes. Click here to read more on the building use school board policy.

Emergency Management

Moorhead Area Public Schools is committed to the safety and preparedness of its students, staff and visitors. Emergency Management is responsible for the development, maintenance, and implementation of the Moorhead Area Public Schools Emergency Operations Plan to ensure the district is organized, trained and equipped to respond to threats, hazards, emergencies or disasters.


Rick Kraft

Rick Kraft
Supervisor of Property Services

Call: 218-284-1440

Steve Moore

Steve Moore
Executive Director of Operations and Emergency Management