Indian Education

Indian Education Program

The goal of the Moorhead Indian Education Program is to ensure needs of the American Indian students attending Moorhead Schools are met to achieve graduation.

Services are provided using grants (Johnson O’Malley State Grant, Title VI Federal Grant and Minnesota Indian Ed Grant) intended to meet the unique educational needs of American Indian students in preK-12.

Services Include:

  • Liaisons in buildings for prek-12

  • Advocate for American Indian students in grades prek-12

  • School enrollment

  • Home visits / phone calls

  • Help with tutoring process

  • Cultural activities

  • Monthly newsletter

  • College and career readiness


Indian Education Program services are provided to Native American students in preK-12 who meet the following criteria:

  • Students are enrolled members of a tribe, band or other organized group. A copy of the enrollment form from the tribe is required. A quarter blood quantum must be on file with the Indian Education Program for JOM Program.

  • Students have an Indian Certification Form 506 signed by the parent, as a descendent of a tribe, on file with the Indian Education Program for Title IV.


Indian Education


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American Indian Parent Advisory Committee

  • The parent committee ensures parental involvement in the education of American Indian students in Moorhead Schools.

  • The committee meets each month to discuss grants, events and school topics.