Business Services


Through maintaining professional, prudent and conservative financial management, our Business Services team works to develop and administer the formal budget planning and monitoring process. This department also presents recommendations to the superintendent and the School Board for the efficient allocation of district resources.

Community Engagement and Public Relations


The Community Engagement and Public Relations team oversees the strategic communication priorities through communication initiatives. This department includes important Community Engagement initiatives of the district such as Community Education programs including Adult Basic Education, Adult and Youth Enrichment and Early Childhood.

Equity and Inclusion


Moorhead Area Public Schools is committed to help every student thrive in a changing world. This includes creating an environment in which individuals representing diverse cultures and experiences instruct one another in the meaning and value of community. Our Equity and Inclusion team provides meaningful programs and support to students and families.

Food and Nutrition Services


Proper nutrition is important and fundamental for the success of students in their academic programs. The mission of the Food and Nutrition Services team is to serve the entire school community by offering nutritious and tasty meals and snacks. Moorhead Area Public Schools follows nutrition standards to help fight hunger and obesity.

Human Resources


Human Resources, which recruits qualified teachers and personnel to enhance the instructional program, serves the employees of Moorhead Area Public Schools throughout their employment. The relationship with each employee begins with recruitment and hiring, continues throughout the employee's career with the district and extends until retirement.



The Information Systems and Instructional Support Department administers the district's telecommunications and network computer systems. The technology program and team strive to address the program needs of students, the information delivery needs of teachers and administration, and the data delivery requirements of government services.

Special Services


The Special Services team oversees a wide variety of programs to ensure that all students receive the support needed to reach their full academic potential. The district offers special services for students with a wide range of learning disabilities, emotional-behavioral disorders and mental and physical impairments.

Operations and Emergency Management


The Operations and Emergency Management Department is composed of the district’s emergency management, property services and transportation teams. These teams oversee building, grounds and equipment maintenance, improvement project management, environmental hazard monitoring and emergency operations planning.

Teaching and Learning


Curriculum and the instructional process are central to Moorhead Area Public Schools’ mission of developing the maximum potential of every learner. To ensure academic success for all students, the Teaching and Learning department works to integrate educational delivery, planning and assessment services in the district.



Our transportation team strives to effectively meet the needs of families in the district by providing students in grades K-12 with safe and efficient transportation to and from school on regular school days. The transportation team is often the very first and last experience for a student every day as they ride the bus to and from school.