Principal Message

SGR Families,

Super Bowl Sunday! We’ll try to keep our notes brief this week so everyone can enjoy the game!

  • Lunch/Cafeteria: First, a brief reminder to please send water and drinks only in plastic or metal bottles, but not glass. Unfortunately we had an accident last week with a glass bottle and needless to say, it was a mess. Second, this week we’re focusing on walking feet in the cafeteria. Walking to our spots with our trays, walking to the garbage to dump our trays, and walking back to our seats without our trays! Kids have loved seeing either their own class or friends’ classes being recognized for those great behaviors, so let’s keep it up!

  • Personal Items: Please remember that we do NOT use locks on our lockers, and while we work hard to teach our students the 4 BEs, we still occasionally have items getting taken. We’ll always work to get things back for students. The best thing we can do, though, is to have kids NOT bring personal items to school. This includes playing cards, toys, cell phones, etc. If those items don’t come to school, they can’t get taken.

  • Social Media: If your child does have a phone, we’d discourage access to social media of any kind. Their minds are too young, and the negative effects of being on social media generally outweigh any positive effects. Articles like this from Jonathon Haidt illustrate those negative effects. Again, we’d discourage students from having phones and/or bringing them to school in the first place because we have landlines in all classrooms and the nurse’s office if either we or they need to reach you.

  • Next week: Two early reminders for next week. First, on Monday, 2/20, there is NO SCHOOL for President’s Day. Second, next Friday, 2/24, is our annual Park Day Sledding Extravaganza! We’ll share more next week, but we wanted it on your radar now.

We hope you all enjoy the big game today, and get outside to enjoy the warm weather!

Mr. St. Louis and Mrs. Nagel, principals