Principal Message

SGR Families,

Well, it was bound to happen at some point - incredibly cold weather in January/February. We’ve enjoyed the warm weather this month, and have taken advantage of it with many days outside for both Active time in the morning and recess during the day. However, this week will likely include a lot more time inside. Active time in the morning will include walking loops in the building, and indoor recess will include various activities in classrooms. Our PE teachers will continue to provide active time/lessons during their instructional time, as we know it might be the only really active time for students this week. Hopefully the warm weather will return as forecast!

Additional notes for the week:

  • Winter Gear: Even though it’s going to be inside Active and recess this week, students should still bring/wear all of their winter gear to school. They still have to go outside to ride the bus, walk home, and even wait for their rides. It’ll be too cold to be outside and not bundled up.

  • Snow Hills: We reminded students last week that their job after school is to walk to their bus, walk to their home, or wait for their ride. They should not be playing on the snow hills by the parking lot, though, at least not at this time. We always ask students to go home first to check-in with family members, and if you say it’s okay for them to come back and play on the hills, awesome. But we don’t want them just playing on them immediately after school unsupervised when they should be going home. Thanks!

  • Wellness Policy: Thank you to everyone who read (or at least skimmed) the Elementary Handbook last week! We had a couple of families reach out regarding birthday treats, so we thought we should mention something to everyone. First, here’s the link to the district wellness policy. Second, this is what is stated in the handbook: “Elementary students will be recognized for their birthdays at school, but families are asked to reserve the cake, ice cream, cupcakes, sweets and other novelty items for home birthday celebrations.” At SGR, we recognize birthdays each morning in our principal videos and remind students to get birthday pencils from the office. Additionally, many teachers have their own birthday celebrations for students in their classrooms. Therefore, in accordance with the handbook and policy, we’d discourage families from sending in birthday treats. Thanks!

  • Giving Hearts Day: February 9th is Giving Hearts Day. Starting Tuesday classrooms will be collecting money for donations. As a school we’re donating to the Moorhead Legacy Foundation this year. Any and all donations are welcome and greatly appreciated!

It’s going to be a cold, yet awesome week!

Mr. St. Louis and Mrs. Nagel, principals