Principal Message

SGR Families

Welcome back! We hope that everyone had a wonderful extended break. Now we’re back and we have 19 days of school (three full weeks, plus a 4 day week) until our next break. Hopefully we all stay healthy so that we can get some great teaching/learning accomplished in the next month!

Brief notes this week:

  • Morning Greeting: As many of you know, we’re out at door 1 most days, and sporadically at door 13, greeting your children each and every day. As the weather gets colder, we’ll continue to greet them because we strongly believe in the value of this practice. However, we will likely move just inside the door by about 7:35-7:40 to preserve the use of our fingers and toes. So while you might see less of us throughout the winter, please know we’ll still be greeting your kids at the front door. Additionally, our staff will continue to greet students at their classroom doors or in the locker bay.

  • Winter Wear: We have snow and cold weather now, and likely will for the next several months. Please continue to send your child in gear that is warm enough for outdoor recess. If something is missing/lost, please have them check our lost and found inside door 1, or even within their neighborhoods. Finally, if you need some help or support with outdoor clothing, please reach out to your child’s classroom teacher. They can connect with people in our school/district and provide some help.

It’s a great week to be awesome, let’s make it awesome together!

Mr. St. Louis and Mrs. Nagel, principals