Principal Message

SGR Families,

It’s a short week this week due to the Thanksgiving holiday break, which means it’s a great time to share how thankful we are for all of you. We can’t say enough great things about the continued support and partnership we have with all of you. We’re doing the best we can to educate all of our students academically and socially when they are with us, and are grateful for your work on the same at home. Together we’re better and our kids are the beneficiaries, so thank you!

Notes this week:

  • No School: There is no school on Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday this week. We’ll only be here on Monday and Tuesday due to the Thanksgiving holiday break.

  • Turkey Bingo: We’ll have our school-wide Turkey Bingo event on Tuesday. Some students will win and come home with prizes, while others will not and that’s just fine. The goal is to have a fun event for the whole school to celebrate great behavior. We’ve been talking to the students so they know that not everyone will win, but if you can help prep them before Tuesday, that’d be awesome

  • Morning Drop-off: Last week the cold/snow led to more families dropping off their kids at school, which is fine. However, it really wreaks havoc on our small parking lot, so we need some help. First, if your kids are bundled up in boots, snow pants, winter coats, hats and mittens, they should be fine for the 15 minute walk to school, so don’t hesitate to have them walk. Obviously when it’s extremely cold weather you’d want to be more mindful, but even on days in the single digits it is just fine, again provided they are bundled appropriately. Second, we have a rush as the doors open at 7:20, but then there is a lull between 7:25-7:35, before it gets really busy from 7:40-7:50. Remember, our school day starts at 7:45, so anyone arriving after that time will be marked tardy. Not only that, but it disrupts the morning meeting/routine in all the classrooms. We’d highly recommend more families trying to arrive between 7:25-7:35 so that it’s not such a back up at 7:45. Finally, we’re going to continue greeting kids at the door, but generally by about 7:35 we’ll move from the exterior doors to the interior doors. So if you don’t see us, please know that we’ll still be greeting your kids most days. 

  • Parking Lot Etiquette: Please be mindful of our students and other drivers/families in our parking lot. Anytime that anyone stops in the driving lane, for any reason, it stops traffic for everyone. We work hard to teach our kids to wait at the sidewalk, rather than getting in vehicles in the middle of the road, and we’d love the same message from all of you. Additionally, trying to circle around in our lot also stops traffic for everyone. In short, it takes all of us working together to make our small parking lot work for everyone. Thanks!

Enjoy the time together as families this week, and we’ll see you all again after the break!

Mr. St. Louis and Mrs. Nagel, principals