Reading Roundup

Reading Round Up #3:

We are the Spud Time Literacy Teachers: Meet Stephanie McNab, Katy Miller and Tori Ridlon. We will be working with students in Kindergarten through Grade 4. Ms. Miller will also work with math groups.

 Inspire your young reader and writer to practice every day! The tips below offer some fun ways you can help your child become a happy and confident reader and writer. Try a new tip each week. See what works best for your child.

Family Stories

  •  Tell your child stories about your parents and grandparents. You might even put these stories in a book and add old family photographs.

  • Have your child tell you stories about what happened on special days, such as holidays, birthdays, and family vacations.

  • Reminisce about when you were little. Describe things that happened at school involving teachers and subjects you were studying. Talk about your brothers, sisters, or friends.

  • Write a trip journal with your child to create a new family story. Recording the day's events and pasting the photographs into the journal ties the family story to a written record. You can include everyday trips like going to the market or the park.

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