Principal Message

SGR Families,

Good afternoon! Our theme this month is WISDOM, and we’ll be talking about it as a building all month. Additionally, after starting November with unseasonably warm temperatures, it has definitely started to cool down. Please be sure your child has warm clothes/coats/etc for outdoor weather, especially if your child is a fourth grade school patrol. We want kids to be warm during recess and any other outdoor activities. If you need help with this, please reach out to your teacher. Finally, we could use some help with arrival and dismissal as well, and appreciate the support (see below). Thanks!

Notes this week:

  • No School: There is no school for students tomorrow, November 7. Classes resume on Election Day, Tuesday, November 8

  • No YMCA: There is no after school Y programming for students on Friday, November 11

  • Morning Arrival: Remember, all sidewalks lead to our doors. Please drive around the loop and pull up to the sidewalk to drop off your child, rather than stopping in the lane of traffic. It’s much faster and safer for everyone to drop off kids along the sidewalk, and again, all sidewalks lead to the front door. Additionally, remember that door 13 on the west side of the building is a great place to drop off kids. It’s by our cafeteria and our gym, so it’s an easy walk for students who want breakfast when they arrive, as well as being less crowded most days. And speaking of breakfast, please remind your child that if they are having breakfast at school they need to do that FIRST. If they try to get breakfast after they have done Active or Calm we’re going to say no.

  • Afternoon Dismissal: Same as the morning, we’d love students to be picked up along the sidewalk, not in the driving lane for their safety and traffic flow. Additionally, please avoid double parking as that is not only unsafe, but prevents cars from leaving the parking lot which leads to additional congestion. If needed, park at the church across the street, but not in our accessible spots (you need appropriate signage/license plate to park in those spots). Both sides of the building work for pickup as well, but for this to work you need to have a plan with your child. Speaking of plans, we’re reminding all students that they should meet their siblings/friends/neighbors OUTSIDE after school, NOT at the classrooms. If you have multiple children, or if you are picking up multiple children, please make a plan together about where they should meet outside. We’ve had too many students wandering the halls looking for siblings/friends, not finding them, and then being disrespectful to the adults with whom they’re chatting. We’d like your help in reminding your child of the expectations, as well as creating a plan after school for them. As a staff we regularly say “our kids” because every kid is our kid and we take that seriously, and want kids to feel the same that all adults are “our teachers”. Thanks!

  • Crossing Guards: We’ve been working with our crossing guards to help them cross kids safely, as well as talking about it in our principal video last Friday. Tuesday’s video will also talk about crossing guard safety. If your child walks, please help support our work by talking with them about those expectations as well.

It’s been busy, but great so far. We have some things we’re hoping to tighten up before the weather gets too cold, and appreciate working together on these items. Have an awesome day!

Mr. St. Louis and Mrs. Nagel, principals