Principal Message

SGR Families,

Happy Halloween (or almost)! We know many of our families celebrate Halloween, which is great. We don’t do Halloween here at school, but many classes do have fall parties. Some classes had them last Friday, while others have them tomorrow on Halloween. Please make sure you’re paying attention to any communication from your child’s teacher regarding possible events and student/family involvement. For our students going out tomorrow night, we did connect the 4 BEs to Halloween night in our principal video today because we want everyone to be safe, respectful, responsible, and kind when out and about. Be safe and have fun!

Other notes this week:

  • 4th Grade Day of Compassion: Last Friday our 4th graders had their Day of Compassion and it was awesome! Hopefully you heard some great feedback from your child if they participated. Thanks to MHS Key Club students for helping out, it was great to have some high school role models helping support the event. Our 4th grade team plans to use this event as a starting point for having our 4th graders be leaders and teachers to our younger students at SGR, which will be amazing.

  • American Indian Heritage Month: This starts Tuesday! Check out our Live Feed on the website (or in your app) and scroll down to the Indian Education Newsletter to read more!

  • Turkey Bingo: Our first big all school event/reward for great behavior is the always popular, never dull, Turkey Bingo! We’ll host this event on the last day before Thanksgiving break and the whole school will play together. We’ll broadcast live to every classroom and many students will win prizes! It’s a ton of fun each year and we’re so excited for it. We use this as an opportunity to reinforce the BEs and other positive behavior choices, so anything you can do to support the message from your child’s classroom is greatly appreciated. Additionally, please keep an eye out for possible opportunities to help, either in your child’s classroom or at our prize table.

  • No School November 7: We’ll remind students this week and families again next week, but there is no school for students next Monday, November 7, due to staff professional development.

Enjoy the weather today and this week, and have fun with any celebrations!

Mr. St. Louis and Mrs. Nagel, principals