Health Services News

Greetings from Health Services!

Like all of our families, we are busy preparing for the upcoming school year. For many families arranging medications at school is a part of this process. Whenever possible students should take medications at home. If your child needs to take medication while at school, our health services team can help. There are a few things you will need to know before bringing in medication for your child. 

  • No prescription medication will be administered by school personnel without written authorization from the parents/guardians and signed medical provider’s orders. 
  • All over-the-counter medication (including Tylenol, Ibuprofen, nasal spray, eye drops, etc.) may be given with a medication consent signed by the parent. Medications must be provided by the family. 
  • Medication request forms are available here or can be found in the health office. 
  • All medicine must be in the original bottle. Prescription medications, including inhalers and epinephrine, must have an original pharmacy label.
  • Medications must be delivered to school by an adult, do not send medications with your child or on the bus (unless there is a signed order for an emergency medication). 
  • Please let the health office know if your student begins taking a new prescription medication at home that was not previously entered through PowerSchool Registration.
  • Additional helpful forms:

If you would like to bring paperwork or medication during back to school events, our offices will be fully staffed during these events. We are so excited to have your students back in our buildings and will do all we can to support their health so they can stay in the classroom, ready to learn.