Moorhead School Year 2021-22

“We are the future of this city. This community. This region. So I want to now say thank you. Thank you for investing in us. Thank you for investing in our futures,” said Moorhead High School incoming senior, Martan Gregoire as he addressed attendees at the Moorhead High groundbreaking.  

His quote sums up this year’s theme perfectly: Building Pathways to Success.

Moorhead Area Public Schools is committed to developing the maximum potential of every learner to thrive in a changing world. After a year and a half of uncertainty and change, we shift focus and look ahead.

We are Spuds. From the first time you step into a school building, to the day you graduate. You remain a Spud throughout your entire preK-12 education. The 9-12 construction projects shape the pathways for all students. 

At the high school level, we are building one school, two campuses and a common 9-12 experience. With the kick-off of the career academy opening up this fall to the start of construction of Moorhead High School. These physical projects mark a new era at Moorhead Schools thanks to the overwhelming support of our community who voted YES to the November 2019 bond referendum. 

So although this theme encompasses the massive construction projects that have begun, it also centers around transformational projects of how we educate students in Moorhead. 

The pathway to success is unique to each student. Our goal is to embrace students where they are, celebrate who they are, help them discover a sense of belonging to the Spud family and work together to become the best they can be. 

We are changing the way we educate students, focusing on student voice and student choice. We look forward to supporting our students as they discover passions and explore career options to graduate choice ready. Joins us as we build pathways to success for students at Moorhead Area Public Schools.