SGR Families,

Happy Friday! Only one week of school left, which is hard to believe after the year we’ve had. We have a quick note today regarding the last day of school next Friday, June 4th, and our 4th grade clap out (information for all families).

For those of you new to SGR this year we Clap Out our 4th graders. They walk through the building and all of the staff and students in grades K-3 clap and cheer them on their last day. It’s pretty awesome, and a great way to show our appreciation for their leadership and hard work during their time at SGR. We also encourage the parents/guardians of our 4th graders to help clap them out as well. As stated previously, we can’t have you inside the building, but we can most definitely have you clapping them out when they come out of the building. The details are as follows:

  1. Clap out starts at 1:05. SGR Spud Academy 4th grade students will meet Carla Smith upstairs in our 4th grade neighborhood, and would want to be in place by 1:00. Use door 1 for drop off

  2. All 4th grade classes, including our 4th grade students from Spud Academy, will walk through the building past all of the K-3 classes

  3. They will finish by walking out our main entrance, door 1, on the EAST side of the building

  4. Any parents interested in clapping out should line up outside door 1 and down the main median sidewalk between the parent lot and the bus lot

  5. Pictures can be taken once students have completed the Clap Out, if you’d like

  6. Students are free to go home immediately afterwards with family or if walking/biking home. Students riding the bus home will need to wait with their teacher until the buses arrive

Please remember that there is NO PARKING in the bus lot. Use either our main parent parking lot or across the street at Brookdale Church. Also, given it will be busy, if you don’t have younger kids at SGR, it’d be awesome if you left as soon as you’re able.

For all of our families who DON’T have a 4th grader - please make sure you have a plan in place with your child or children. Encourage walking/biking to and from school that day. Use our west parking lot if needed for pick up that day.

For everyone - please remember that the last day is a time of FUN & CELEBRATION! It might be busy outside and in our lots, so we ask everyone for patience and grace with us and each other so that we can end this unique year on an incredibly positive note! 

Thank you!

Mr. St. Louis and Mrs. Nagel, principals