The Behaviorist Buzz

My name is Rachel Gladue and I am the Behavior Interventionist at S.G. Reinertsen Elementary. I started my career with Moorhead Public Schools in 2014 as a paraprofessional at Probtsfield. In 2016, I accepted the Behavior Intervention position at Reinertsen. I enjoy getting to teach students social skills and calming strategies to help them be successful in the classroom. 

Self-regulation is an important skill that helps students be successful both in and out of the classroom. Being able to recognize/name emotions can be difficult for kids. At SGR, we want all students to be able to identify their emotions and have a tool box of healthy strategies to manage them. One thing we tell students is “All emotions/feelings are ok, but what we do with them is important.” We don’t want kids to feel that being angry or upset is bad, but rather learn a healthy way to express their anger and strategies to feel calm again. 

One program we use to help students learn how to identify emotions and strategies to manage their emotions is The Zones of Regulation. There are 4 different zones; blue, green, yellow, and red. When students are in the green zone, they are calm, able to focus and do their best learning. 

What does the green zone look like in the classroom? 

  • Raise hand to share

  • Following teacher directions

  • Body to self

  • Respecting other students space

  • Calm/quiet voice

I enjoy getting to partner with classroom teachers and families. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me. You can call  218-284-5376 or email me at