Show Respect by Contributing

Spring Greetings from your school counselor, Ms. Shari. 

Our Weekly Theme:    Contribute

To contribute means to: Give, Donate, Put Up, Come Up With, Subscribe, Hand Out, Grant, Bestow, Present, Gift, Bestow, Accord, Supply, Provide 

“Great ambition and conquest without contribution is without significance. What will your contribution be? How will history remember you?”

William Hundert - The Emperor's Club

Contributing to something is a choice.  When I talk with the students about choices, one of the examples I often share is the choice everyone has to be helpful…….or not, the choice is yours.  

Sometimes we may not have the time to be helpful in big ways because there are many things that we need to get done throughout our day, however, there are all kinds of little ways to be helpful that maybe only YOU will know about.   

THEN... there are times when we choose not to get involved which can lead to being hurtful in the end.  Take bullying for example.  When you see someone being bullied, you have a choice to contribute to the good (helpful) or to not contribute (hurtful).  

I will be talking with the fourth graders next month about bullying and NOT being a bystander….contributing to the good, choose to be helpful, not hurtful.  There are some times in life where we need to make a choice and by not contributing to the good, we are also making a choice.

When we see someone who needs help, to walk away and not contribute to the good is actually harmful.  We will be talking about all the ways students can: 

    1.  Stay safe themselves

    2. Help in their own way  

Please talk with your child about the ways they can contribute at home, at school and in our community at large.