Respect: How to Listen with your Whole Body

What is My Child Learning? 

 Your child is learning how to be  respectful at school.

 Why is it Important? 

 Being respectful helps children be better learners and workers in society.

This week’s word on how to show respect: Listening

Respect is our focus for this month. Listening is one way to show respect and there are ways that we can listen with our whole body.  Here are some ways to practice listening with our WHOLE BODY to show others that what they say is important to us and cause us to:

- Stop what we are doing

- Respectfully listen to what they are saying

Here's how to listen with your:

Eyes= Look toward the speaker 

Ears= Get both ears ready to hear  

Mouth= Quiet and still  

Hands= Quiet and kept to yourself

Feet= Quiet and still  

Body= Facing toward the speaker

Heart= Consider the speaker and others listening 

This week practice showing respect by using your whole body. Do this by stopping and listening to others who are talking to you. Share what you notice with a family member, friend, or teacher!