April News

Welcome back! We are so excited to have everyone back in school, refreshed and ready to finish strong these last couple of months!

Some items to note:

  1. It’s been great experiencing warmer days, but of course with weather, it isn’t always consistent. Please continue to monitor the temperatures and send appropriate gear to school with your child. 

  2. Students should bring extra masks to school if possible. This allows your child to have a different mask to change into if the one they wear to school gets wet or dirty. 

  3. Grade 3 and 4 students will be taking the MCA assessment between April 12 - April 30 in both reading and math. A separate communication with more detail will be coming soon to parents/guardians of those students.

  4. Information on spring activities will be rolling out soon, both at SGR and within our community. Please be on the lookout for information as details and final plans are being  organized.

  5. Our monthly theme and focus for April is Respect. Respect, also called esteem, is a positive feeling or action shown toward someone or something considered important. This topic will be our focus in principal videos and classroom morning meetings. Our counselor lessons will focus on our jobs of showing and earning respect. Weekly words that will be referenced that are related to respect are: listening, volunteering, contributing, and encouraging. Please help us spread this message of respect by asking your child about it at home.

  6. Spud of the Week: Every day our students are doing great things! These range from improvements in behavior to moving up in reading levels, from mastery of a concept to helping a friend in need, and the list goes on. Teachers nominate the positive actions they see with students. We as principals can then make a phone call home, take a photo for our SGR TVs, post some to Twitter, and finally honor the student with a bracelet. It’s a great way for us to share positive things happening at SGR with our families! 

  7. It’s important to keep our brain healthy and active. Here are some ideas to help your child be ready for learning in school: socialize, keep a schedule, stay mentally active, challenge yourself, eat healthy and stay physically active. All of these will help keep students attentive in school and help their brains learn better!

As always, it’s a great day to be AWESOME at SGR! We love your children and appreciate your support at home. Make it a great day!

Mr. St. Louis and Mrs. Nagel, principals