Watch Now: Career Academy Construction Tour

Since 2014, the district has added square footage to many existing facilities, acquired facilities, and constructed new facilities like Horizon West and Dorothy Dodds Elementary School. The latest transformational project is the construction of Moorhead High School and the Career Academy. These projects at the former SAMS Club and the construction of the new high school are so much more than a building. They are a multi-faceted project that will change the face of education at Moorhead High now and for generations to come. 

Check out this sneak peek at the construction progress at the career academy. 

Moorhead Area Public Schools is re-thinking how high school education is done! We believe that education should be relevant and personalized. Our purpose is to ensure each Moorhead student engages in modern career exploration and investigation. Each student deserves the opportunity to discover their passions, explore their options, work toward industry certifications and gain real work skills that will help them thrive in whatever future path they choose.  

This will not just be happening at the career academy, but across the entire high school system. Moorhead High School will create and implement small learning communities to increase student success and create more personal connections to help make a large school feel smaller.

How are we going to accomplish all that? Well we certainly cannot do it alone. This high school transformation started nearly 4 years ago with community engagement and the development of the Portrait of a Graduate characteristics that we hope to instill in every student. Over 300 community members, teachers, staff and students have participated directly in the development of plans for the new Career Academy and the new High School to date. And the collaboration is still in process and growing.

We are thankful for the many business professionals, industry experts, thought leaders and community investors who are volunteering their time to help us make this endeavor the best that it can be for our students.