MHS Construction Update for November 2023

We are excited to share monthly construction updates during this school year. Things are changing quickly at the Moorhead High School construction site and we want to document the progress. We will be on-site throughout the project to provide updates. 

Watch a video walkthrough, or check out the highlights below. Click here for past updates.

This month, we’ll be taking a look at the main commons and adjoining areas.

The media center on the north side of the commons (1) has seen the breakout rooms on either end glassed in—and since these photos were taken the area has been carpeted to prepare for next month’s move.

To the east of the media center is the food services area (2), where all of the individual serving stations have now been installed, including screens and color-changing lighting. Also nearing completion is the separate café on the south side of this area that will face out toward the commons. The back-of-house area with food services and custodial offices will be north of this area. A condiment bar (3) will be conveniently located at the exit for easy access as the students take their meals to the commons to eat.

The west side of the commons will feature the Learning Stairs (4), which offer not only a quick way up to the second floor but also a space for students to gather and collaborate during their free time.  At the east end of the second floor is the large community room (5) with the highly visible MHS “M” on its back wall that will host large meetings and community events starting in 2024.

Small details are also starting to define these spaces, including ADA signage (6) that will have a unique look for each area of the building.

Stay tuned to our website and social channels for future MHS construction project updates!