Early Learning Screening

In Minnesota, all children are required to complete an Early Learning Screening to find out how they are growing and developing before they enter kindergarten. Children should be registered for their free screening between their third and fourth birthdays.

At the screening, early childhood specialists observe the child's vision, hearing, speech and development. Early screening will help identify any conditions that might impact a child's learning and assist parents in taking steps to help the child.

During the screening, you will stay with your child while his or her hearing, vision, height, weight, speech and development are assessed. Early childhood specialists will review your child's immunization record and Ages and Stages Social/Emotional indicator and visit with you about their observations.


Early Learning Screening FAQ

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What are the goals of screening?

  • Find out how your child is growing and developing.

  • Connect you and your child with early learning programs and other community services that may be helpful.

  • Answer any parenting questions/concerns you may have.

  • Identify any possible health or learning concerns so that they may be addressed before a child enters school.

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At what age should my child be screened?

The ideal age to have your child screened is between 3 and 4. Early Learning Screening is not a kindergarten readiness assessment and should not be put off until right before kindergarten. Children usually go through screening one to two years before they enter kindergarten. However, if your child is five years old and has not yet completed preschool screening, please schedule an appointment.

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What happens to the information gathered at screening?

You will be given a report of the findings when your child finishes the screening appointment. You will receive one copy of the report and one copy will be placed in your child's file with the school district.

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How does my child get a screening appointment?

Register online or call 218-284-3800 to schedule your child's screening appointment. Screening appointments typically last one hour and are held at Probstfield Early Learning Center, 2410 14th St. S. in Moorhead.