Community Education

The last two years have shaken the ground on which we walk. Our “normal” became anything but and we have been forced to set a new normal in our lives. Although it seems like we were surrounded by negatives, there are many positives that have come about that we sometimes fail to appreciate. 

Togetherness is one positive- we learned how to live a more simplistic life.  We invented new games and ways to entertain ourselves and families. We stayed home, enjoyed home cooked meals instead of racing to the next new restaurant in town, wore sweatpants and pajamas instead of the latest fashion. We were reunited with the way things were in the “olden days.” 

Another thing that life has taught us, is that experiences mean more than things. Objects we outgrow, get bored with, break or throw away mean little in comparison to experiences that last a lifetime. 

  • Maybe while in quarantine, you realized your cooking needed a little spice - try one of our new Fantastic Pho classes. 
  • Maybe you decided after spending so much time apart, you were going to spend more time with family - try taking an intro to Walleye Fishing class with your dad or grandpa. 
  • Maybe you decided to appreciate nature, and get outdoors - we are now offering outdoor summer camps and climbing/bouldering classes to get out, get fit, and have fun. 

Whatever this pandemic taught you, learn that the experiences and memories that will stay with you forever are the “objects” worth investing in.