School Overview


Robert Asp Elementary is a community school that was built in 1957 as a junior high school and renovated into an elementary school in 2004. The school was named to honor a former Moorhead teacher. The late Robert Asp was a math and science teacher as well as a counselor who was instrumental in building the replica Viking ship, the Hjemkomst, which sailed from Duluth, Minnesota to Bergen, Norway in 1982. Robert Asp exemplified the qualities of character such as creativity, determination and commitment. 


Students work on rubber band project

Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS)

Robert Asp believes in promoting and maintaining a school culture that creates fairness, courtesy, honesty and respect among students, school personnel and community members. Robert Asp, in conjunction with Moorhead Area Public Schools, utilizes Positive Behavioral Intervention and Supports (PBIS) as a foundation for behavior expectations in a building.

We believe students must follow these 3 expectations in all areas of the school:

  • Be Safe

  • Be Responsible

  • Be Respectful

Students are recognized monthly at SPUD meetings for successfully displaying these positive behaviors. Students receive a character charm along with a certificate and their picture is displayed on the school wide monitor for a month. Our hope is that each student will have a collection of charms by the end of their Robert Asp school career to remind them of their many accomplishments.

student outside in spud hockey hat

Mileage Club

All students at Robert Asp are part of the Mileage Club. Students are given a badge to scan each time they walk or run a lap around the indoor or outdoor track. Students are recognized when they meet milestones. Students in kindergarten and 1st grade earn a shoe charm for every 5 miles and students in 2nd, 3rd or 4th grade earn a charm for every 10 miles.

students dressed up

School Drama Programs

Students in grades 2-4 can participate in school drama performances and rehearsals between 2:50-4:50 pm. The second and third grade students participate in the fall and fourth grade student programing is in the spring. Both performances are on a Saturday and all community members are welcome to attend. We have performed several big plays such as Seussical the Musical, The Aristocats and The Hundred Year Snooze. 

student outside in snow

After-School Intramural Program

Robert Asp is proud to provide a structured intramural program for students in grades 1-4. Our program runs Monday, Tuesday and Thursday from 2:45pm-4:00pm. Grades 3-4 participate on Monday and Thursday and grades 1-2 activities are on Tuesday. With teaching staff serving as coaches, we provide a wide variety of activities including basketball, flag football, soccer, floor hockey and organized games to keep kids active. The Robert Asp PTAC sponsors the intramural program making it free for all to participate.

students work together to build

Student Leadership Program

Robert Asp Elementary has outstanding students and leaders. Fourth graders can participate in an extracurricular student leadership program. Students apply for this activity and are given the ability to serve and make a difference in the school and community. Student leaders participate in many building activities including live morning news, assist/officiate after school gym program, skits and plays at our “Spud Meetings” each month to demonstrate good citizenship for all of our school, relevant training every month on a topic related to school climate and community service projects.