Casey Hatlevoll with Marathon medal

Congrats Casey 

Running the Fargo Marathon Fall 2021!

Congrats to Casey Hatlevoll, (one of our amazing GED teachers) who just completed the Fargo Marathon! It was a pleasure talking to her about her training regime and overall drive to enjoy running.

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Why did you decide to run the Fargo Marathon? 

Casey always wanted to run the full marathon as she has been running competitively since middle school. The stars aligned when the marathon was pushed to the fall so she found a training group that provided a training plan and got to work!

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What is your favorite part about running in general? Favorite memory from the Marathon?

Casey’s favorite part about running is the sense of unity that it brings to the community and with fellow runners. This was Casey’s first full marathon so her goal was just to enjoy and live in the moment. During the race she kept a positive mindset and ran alongside many of her training partners. Encouraging other runners throughout the race was in turn motivating for her during the last few miles.                                         

 Overall Casey’s experience was great and she completed her goal of not only completing the marathon, but enjoying the experience and even having fun! She continues to say that having the community come together on such an uplifting and positive day is something special and will stay with her forever. 

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 Advice Casey has for people who want to start running 

At first, like many new and difficult things, running was not fun at all. It is about consistency and trying again and again to slowly start to find joy in the process. The biggest takeaway would be to find other people who have similar goals as you and keep each other motivated!